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Slawi riads in marrakech is an intimate retreat of peace located near the renowned bustling souks of Marrakesh. The riad Marrakech medina offers an elegant and comfortable atmosphere with unique Moroccan style and decoration. The attentive staff will help transform your stay into moments of relaxation and well being, whether one is relaxing on the rooftop or simply enjoying Moroccan mint tea and pastries in our courtyard. Also, during your stay you can also treat yourself to massages, beauty treatments and more.

We offer 4 exotic, charming & comfortable rooms - A courtyard with central fountain - Open sitting area (bhou) - Roof terrace – beauty treatments - Parking facilities – Homemade Moroccan breakfast - Airport transfer.

Riads in marrakech

When visiting Morocco, there are generally 2 different kinds of locations that you can remain. One location that you may possibly remain in is riads in Marrakech and the other position that you can remain is a resort. Lots of individuals desire to find out simply what the variations are among a Hotel medina marrakech and a riad marrakech medina. Despite the fact that there are many resemblances, you can also find some significant variations between them.

The label "riad" in Arabic language indicates "residence with some shrubs or yard." This term has been tailored to the globe as the label of accommodations. Riads in Marrakech are discovered usually in the middle of a conventional town, where the individuals and the stores are observed within near strolling range. The riads in Marrakech are created from ancient, big and conventional residence that have been renewed.

Therefore, the surfaces are protected with the conventional, hand crafted flooring that secure delicately together, creating a wonderful vision. Also, you can find the conventional plaster and wood project and as the name declares there is a yard in the middle. In the majority of riad marrakech Maroc medina you will discover about 6 to 14 rooms but in the biggest riads in Marrakech you will discover more.

riad Marrakech medina

riad Marrakech medina rooms are designed in the conventional Moroccan design and have a personal restroom. With regards to the ranking of the riad Marrakech medina, whether it is 3, 4 or five star, it may have a swimming pool and air-conditioning.

The advantages of remaining in a riad Marrakech medina are the charming environment, and the meals, which get ready properly in the Moroccan dishes and tastes the same as you would have at a Moroccan house. The disadvantages of remaining in a riad Marrakech could well be that in some cases you would have simply to stroll ten or twenty yards back and forth from the riad, and based on the riad it could be not as contemporary as you would wish. Five Star riads in Marrakech generally are very peaceful and anybody must be completely pleased while in their remain there.

holidays to Marrakech

Morocco is an amazing destination for holidays to Marrakech as it gives you so much diversity and activities you can do. Regardless of whether you select to remain in a hotel or Marrakech riads, it is guaranteed that you will appreciate and love your stay!

We will be waiting for your visit to Slawi riads in Marrakech .. See you inside!

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Mobile. : 00212 613 50 58 82 or ou 00212 662 66 97 68
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